Buy any listing with us and if you are not satisfied within 24 months, we'll re-sell it for no commission.*

Buying a home is a huge decision – one you literally must live with! When you buy a home through the Greg Waldmann Team, we strive to find you the perfect home — one you’ll be happy with for years to come. You see, we have many unique systems especially for our buyers which allow us to quickly zero in on exactly what you’re looking for and help you beat out other buyers to the best new listings.

We go the extra mile for our buyers - even AFTER you've purchased your home!

But if it doesn’t work out, your satisfaction is still guaranteed. We set ourselves apart from other agents by offering our buyers our unique and unparalleled Buyer’s Perfect Purchase Plan. If, for whatever reason, you become dissatisfied with the home you purchased within 24 months, we’ll re-sell it and waive our commission!

*Seller is responsible for Buyer’s agent commission and will purchase replacement home with the Greg Waldmann Team.

Cancellation Guarantee

“We are so confident that our real estate system will work for you, that we guarantee you the right to cancel your Buyer Agreement at any time prior to making an offer to purchase your home, with no penalties or obligations, if you feel our service doesn’t live up to our promise.”

Entering into a Buyer Agreement with a real estate agent can be a risky business. Every sales representative will promise the world when it comes to effectively helping you find and buy your new home, but how many of them can back that up with solid performance?

According to a recent survey, 72% of home buyers were dissatisfied with the performance of their agent, even if that agent had helped the buyer buy a home. And, most Buyer Agreements lock you into long-term commitments and lengthy broker protection periods with heavy cancellation fees

We are offering you a way to purchase your next home that is totally risk-free.

Success in real estate is helping buyers find the best house at the best price with the least hassle. I’m confident that we can do this for you because our team has already helped thousands of families just like yours buy their next home.

Our pledge is to provide you with the highest level of service in the real estate industry, and our commitment to this pledge is 100%.

Your right is to evaluate whether we live up to this standard, and to cancel your Buyer Agreement with us at any point prior to making an offer, with no penalties or obligations, if we fail to deliver the service we promised.


We understand that buying a home is a significant and often emotional event in your life. We are committed to providing you with an experience that is as positive and stress-free as possible.

This guide is designed to serve as a road map of sorts, taking you step-by-step through the buying process, describing what you can expect, and providing you with tips for considering your perfect home.

If at any time in the process you have questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the service and personal attention our clients have come to expect.